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Kintz Heavy Gauge Thermoformers

Kintz Plastics: Leader and clear choice. Heavy gauge thermoforming is the logical choice for high quality, cosmetically superior parts, tooled at a fraction of the cost of competing processes.  Kintz Plastic is an award-winning, acknowledged frontrunner in the thermoforming industry for more than four decades. At Kintz Plastics, we are committed to design and engineering excellence in our drive to exceed customer expectations. We team with our clients as active partners through every phase of product development to help them attain the highest quality parts and the shortest possible lead time.  In brief, we provide our partners with engineering and design assistance to help reduce labor and material costs as well as speed the new products to market. The parts Kintz produces add value to a finished product by fitting seamlessly through integration and fit, durability, of course, affordability.  Our engineering services encompass in-house mold design and fabrication, pre-production samples and product modification. Kintz works with clients to select the optimal processes and materials for each part. Although the evolution of a specific part differs to meet the unique needs of each customer, what follows is a typical part creation process.      

Kintz Plastics presents the product of the month. Kintz is proud to work with some the the best companies in the world and we are always aware of the special relationship and responsibility to be the best in order to best serve our partners. We like to showcase that work.

This designation certifies that the Quality Management System of Kintz Plastics is applicable to the provision of heavy gauge plastic thermoformed products including precision machining and fabrication has been assessed and approved National Quality Assurance, USA, against the provisions of: ISO 9001: 2008.

Kintz Plastics is UL certified for both “Fabricated Parts” and “Metalized Parts”. The metalized parts certification applies to spraying (painting) of EMU/FIR metalized shieldings or coatings.

Kintz Plastics Inc. is one of the industry's leading thermoformers. We specialize in all aspects of thermoforming including vacuum forming, pressure forming and twin sheet forming. We have received numerous awards for our designs and methods used to produce the final product.

Our customers include BIO/Medical Electronics, Automotive/Transportation, Environmental, Computer and Kiosk OEM's as well as other specialty applications. Kintz provides the highest quality engineering services to meet our client needs by using state-of-the art CAD software, CMM measuring equipment, and custom designed fixtures. We have multiple vacuum forming machines capable of handling a wide variety of sizes. In addition, we have one of the largest rotary thermoformers on the East Coast. Affectionately called Jumbo, it can produce parts up to  9 x 13 feet!

Kintz Plastics has provided parts to clients and partners around the world since 1976. As a reflection of our growth and global reach, we have upgraded our website to take greater advantage of the world wide web and the the changing nature of communications. This means that information about us, our fulfillment partners and our industry is now carried on mainly through the internet. We have made our site "Responsive" meaning that information about Kintz and other information our clients seek is optimized for smartphones to large desktop computer screens. We are taking this change as an opportunity to also emphasize that we are responsive in the traditional services we offer -- from advanced engineering to our other services that produce the best parts in a timely fashion and at a very competitive price.

If you have a complex project to execute, let the Kintz engineering staff take a look at your challenge. With years of experience as heavy gauge thermoformers in BIO/Medical Electronics, Automotive/Transportation, Environmental, Computer and Kiosk OEM's as well as other specialty applications, Kintz Plastics meets the most daunting demands of execution and quality.

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